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Clear View – Windscreen Seal

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Designed to place a protective screen on your windows and mirrors to allow you to see clearly without the use of your wipers. Easy to apply and cures in only 10 minutes for a full effecting seal. 4-8 week protection per applicaiton and the bottle should provide you with full car protection for over a year.

4 reviews for Clear View

  1. Emma

    Fantastic product. I have used a lot of different rain repellent products in the past (rain aid, power maxed) and this is far superior, applied three weeks ago and beads of rain are still rolling off the window when you hit 30mph.
    The one downside is that I am probably concentrating on the beads rolling rather than the road (it’s hypnotic)

  2. Brad Chalkley

    Brilliant product and is so easy to work with , its one of those products you always go back too and like other reviews say you really do end up watching the beads roll up your window whilst driving it’s like your going into warp speed.

  3. Dan Mason (verified owner)

    Really really easy to apply and ridiculously good results has been on for two months and shows no signs of letting up its beading properties

  4. Keith (verified owner)

    used many rain repellents and this is by far the best ,easy application and lasts longer than it says

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