Clay Starter Kit (Lube and Clay Bar)



Clay Bar Starter Kit including a Regular Clay Bar, 500ml of our Clay Bar Lube Solution.

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The professionals choice of claying but dont forget about our claymitts also available.

The Perfect starter kit for anyone looking to get introduced into Clay Cleaning.

The kit comes complete with 500ml of Clay Lube and our Regular or Large Clay Bar.


1. Ensure surface is washed, decontaminated using BEDAZZLED Tar and Glue, Xtreme Stance Fallout Remover and then washed back over using our Detailers Choice Shampoo.
2. Spray our Pink Mist Lube over the area you are working ideally on a freshly rinsed wet area.
3. Work your clay mitt over the area you have just lubed until you feel the area becoming smoother and then sliding like glass.
4. Re Wash the mitt in your clean wash bucket if you feel it is required.
5. Once the whole vehicle is fully clayed a quick wash and rinse is advisable before drying.
6. This is the perfect time to now apply a Hard Wax or Sealant such as our One Shot Body to your fresh flatted paintwork.

If you drop your claybar it is highly advisable to throw this away and get a new bar as this can seriously damage your paintwork.

Dont foget we also offer claymitts as a quicker and easier solution to claying.


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