After working on a customers 924 of which he owned from new and seeing the end results of the work we just had to get a classic ourselves and lets be honest there is much better than a classic Porsche.

After trolling the internet for weeks we came across this 944 but the advert only showed a black and white image and had a very basic write up, a little bit research and we realised we wanted a 944 with the wider arches over a 924 and ideally a factory turbo panel version so this car seemed to be ideal for a project car and we just took the plunge and pressed buy it now then arranged transport from the other end of the country.

A week later and the car arrived with us and looked pretty decent after being stood for 5 years in a barn…… Until it was lowered from the transport vehicle and we realised how much work it really required, this wasn’t just a paint restoration job. In fact the paint was the best part of the car.

The car had no interior, well the seats were there somewhere beneath all the junk and garbage left in the car. Carpet, Roof Liner, Most of the dash just wasn’t even present and when we popped the hood well the engine was there but every wire has been disconnected and it seemed the engine was ready to be removed at some point.

At this point we all stood back and thought, does this need relisted on ebay or selling as parts, we then started to look for parts like the dash bits which were missing, a full carpet and roof lining, well the list went on and it wasn’t with much luck as literally nothing was available probably due to its age being close to 38 years old.

After ordering a full service kit, cam belts, tensioners and pulleys and lots of seals for the engine we realised we had no going back and just had to restore this. The seats were sent off for a retrim while we started on the dash board and ordered the trim parts needed from anywhere and everywhere and tried to figure out what to do about a carpet.

After coming up blank for the carpet and roof liner we decided to just do it ourselves so tripped the old foam backing which was already chewed up and started to lay down our own black carpet trimming it to fit neatly across all edges, the rear we decided to go with a lighter grey colour to separate it and decided we wanted to make a GT revision in the car so started designs on a custom rear roll cage, obviously this would look a little strange on its own so we decided to fit the Track Car door cards with the GT style door pulls, this also helped us in the build as we just couldn’t get any OEM door cards anywhere.

The interior really started to come together and only took a few days of work to actually get built up and to finish off the interior we had our seatbelts remade in a Porsche guards red to add to that GT style of look.

It was then time to prep the exterior and get it into our detailing bay for a good detail and ceramic coating. 3 days in total was spent in the bay and the original paint really worked well and let us bring it back better than we could have ever imagined meaning we could get on with the Signature Coat 9h sealant coat so the car was protected for the upcoming shows of 2020.0

Whilst in the process of the build we order some 17″ Porsche split rims to replace the old factory 14s and added 25mm spacers to the rear to give it some added stance and decided to remove some unwanted metal from the Porsche upgraded exhaust system to release some extra power from the 944s 2.5 4 cyclinder engine.


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