Ceramic Coatings

The basics about Ceramic Coatings

A true ceramic coating will make your vehicle not only effortless to clean but also reduce your cleaning and trying time by over half and increase the toughness of your paint.

A ceramic sealant, if applied correctly, will last for years to come most of the time outlasting the time you own the car itself.

General road grime, tar and salt will not attach itself as easily and issues like bird lime will  not attack and damage your paintwork, unlike an unprotected car.

The other major benefit of ceramic is its toughness.

It can increase your vehicle’s paintwork dramatically as some paint such as Japanese paint. Vag cars, and especially colours like black and red, are notorious for being soft.

We are approved Ceramic Pro and Signature Coat Installers and also offer training and certification for Ceramic Coatings and have been carrying out these services for over 10 years, pretty much since real Ceramic become a thing in the automotive industry.

We also have the state of the art sealed, heated and baking Ceramic Booth unlike the majority of users, this means that your vehicle is prepped, sealed and controlled heated ensuring the best possible finish and longevity for your chosen coating.

Click here to see the review on our Facebook page, reflecting a customer’s true experience with a vehicle we coated nearly two years ago.

Toughness is measured in a (h) scale, with 9h being the true highest level possible to achieve.

You may see offers of 10h and more, however these are made up from a layer of 6h and 4h applied on top, which obviously is not a true 10h.

Ceramic coatings can be applied multiple times and the applying more coats is the true way to increase the toughness of your paint.

On average, we actually apply anything between three and six coats of the 9h coatings, followed by two to five coatings of the hydrophobic second coating and noted on our two stage packages.

Our Ceramic bookings are generally carried out over two days, which allows us to apply multiple coatings of the first coat, baked under our infra red lighting systems and then allowed to set overnight, before the second coating is applied using the same methods.

Ceramic Coating packages can be downloaded by clicking the brand names below.


Signature Coat – Most Popular

Ceramic Pro – Most Popular

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